Waterline Tile Installation

waterline-tiles-1Pioneer Valley Fiberglass Pools can install waterline tiles in your new fiberglass pool. These tiles are a way to improve the aesthetic of your pool and give it a unique look. The tiles are also called perimeter tile and made of frost proof ceramic.

Waterline tiles are installed onto the fiberglass pool shell, meaning they are adhered to the surface of the pool, and extend down into the water level. They are adhered with a silicone-based adhesive and grouted with a silicone grout that is mildew resistant. This ensures that the tiles won’t fall off or break. The tiles are installed with your fiberglass pool, if you choose to add the decorative feature.

Waterline tiles are a great way to finish off your fiberglass pool and make it look like one seamless piece of art in your backyard. They can last 8-12 years and withstand chemical treatment.

Waterline tile choices include:

  • Colorful mosaics
  • Designs like dolphins or palm trees
  • Color ranges from browns and oranges to blues and purples
  • Variety of shapes, including squares, rectangles, and diamonds
  • Bold color patterns in different sizes

PVF Pools has a wide variety of waterline tiles for you to choose from, so you will be able to reflect your personal style within your new fiberglass pool. You can coordinate the colors to match pool accessories, the theme of your backyard, or patio furniture that is around the pool. The possibilities are endless with waterline tiles for your pool.

PVF Pools has a team of professionals with the experience to install waterline tile in your fiberglass pool properly. We are located in Holyoke, MA and Enfield CT and serve Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont and New Hampshire for fiberglass pool installations. Interested in a fiberglass pool or waterline tile installation? Call us at (413) 221-8358 for more information!


Mass: HIC Registration #143233
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Conn: SPB #0000065

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