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Pioneer Valley Fiberglass Pools and Spas of Holyoke makes splash as Best Pool Company

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Pioneer Valley Fiberglass Pools and Spas made a splash in the summer-fall edition of the 2013 Reader Raves poll taken by Masslive.com and The Republican.

Winners of the Reader Raves 2013

The Holyoke business which Clarence “Clancy” E. Kaye formed in 2002 was named Best Pool Company. “I’m very pleased,” he said.

The business owner has an extensive background in construction and engineering, and he knew that an alternative to more traditional liner or concrete pool products was available.

PVF Pool Team

PVF Pool Team

Pioneer Valley Pool and Spas work forceFiberglass pools require the least amount of maintenance of any swimming pool on the market, he explained. With their smooth, non-porous surfaces, it’s difficult for algae to grow on them and, when used with a salt chlorinator, there is minimal maintenance.

In addition, fiberglass swimming pools can be installed quickly, some operational in as little as two days.

Besides being beautiful and luxurious, fiberglass pools save homeowners time and money during the life of the pool, with the savings coming in reduced maintenance, pool chemical and electricity costs.

According to Kaye, homeowners who choose a fiberglass pool can save up to 70 percent on chemicals and 30 percent on electricity costs.

And because of their sturdy construction, fiberglass pools don’t need to be resurfaced.

Pioneer Valley Fiberglass Pools and Spas does not have a retail location, but Kaye shows clients photographs of various pool options and takes them to see pools he has had installed. Since 2002, he has had more than 100 pools installed.

One of those was installed in June 2012 at the home of Jeff M. Wickles in Hatfield. “We did our homework,” Wickles said, noting that he looked at liner pools, concrete pools and fiberglass pools before selecting an approximately 17-by-38-foot fiberglass pool and spa. “We went with the fiberglass because of the low maintenance and saltwater system that came with it.”

Wickles says pool maintenance now only takes about an hour a week.

He also spoke to previous customers of Kaye “and the response was great,” he said, adding that Kaye has been trustworthy, dependable and genuine.

“Putting in a pool is a life changer,” Wickles continued. “It brings families together. It brings people together” and creates good times.

Asked why pools are popular in the Pioneer Valley, Kaye said that even if they are not used for swimming, they provide a gathering place. “Pools tend to be the central location where people gather, a space where memories can be created.”

A pool, he said, “is a piece of a lifestyle of rest and relaxation, family and friendship. It’s a quiet oasis in the backyard where you can visit and reinvigorate yourself.”

For more information, call (413) 221-8358 or go online to www.pvfpools.com.

Article by: By Cori Urban on June 16, 2013 at 8:55 AM, updated June 16, 2013 at 11:31 AM


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