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Northeast Winter

Does the frost in northeast winters damage a fiberglass pool?

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Does the frost in northeast winters damage a fiberglass pool?

This is another misconception and misleading bit of information floated out there by the vinyl pool people as another way of attempting to discredit the fiberglass pool industry.  I am going to supply you with some facts and truth that will dispel any of this. First, let us examine fiberglass pools strength and ductility.  Fiberglass is actually about 17 times stronger than concrete, yet has the unique ability to move and bend without breaking or damaging the gelcoat interior surface.  You can actually move a fiberglass pool wall panel in and out 3-5 inches in either direction with no negative affect whatsoever on the product.  I often say to people, if the earth is moving more than that, the last thing you will be worried about is the pool. Now, let’s talk about frost.  Frost is an accumulation of water in the soil that freezes and expands.  In order to have water present, we have to have solid around something that will hold water.  Our pools are surrounded by small pea stone that is “free draining”.  In other words, if you poured a gallon of water into a free draining material, it would percolate through the stone and be gone.  So, if we eliminate the water, no frost can occur.  It is kind of like trying to start a fire without oxygen, it simply will not happen. Consider this as well. Most building codes require footings and things subject to frost heaving to be 48 inches deep.  The reason is that frost will never get that deep in this region, so the footing is protected by the depth of the earth providing an insulation and barrier for frost to get that deep.  The majority of our fiberglass pools are about 48 inches or so at the shallow end.  So not only is the pool set in free draining material, it also is of a minimum depth that exceeds any frost depth anyhow. Finally, consider the wide spread use of fiberglass tanks in the gasoline, oil and other industries.  Thousands of fiberglass tanks are containing gasoline in the ground around the world.  I am quite certain, that the government and industry would not be using fiberglass tanks because they leak.  On the contrary, fiberglass is so well known for its ability to contain hazardous liquids in the earth without failure for generations to come. So now you know the facts and the truth about frost and fiberglass pools.  So then next time the vinyl salesperson tries to scare you with “oh there no good up in the north with the frost”, tell them that is a bunch of baloney.

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Pool Installation

Do fiberglass pools pop out of the ground?

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Do fiberglass pools pop out of the ground?

When discussing fiberglass swimming pools with perspective customers one of the most common misconceptions is that they pop out of the ground. Mostly, this fear mongering statement comes from the vinyl pool industry. It really is sad that the facts can be so distorted and so inaccurate. The truth is simply this:

Anything subject to water pressure, more commonly know as water table, can be moved upward if proper engineering and drainage systems are not created on the installation. If a swimming pool, septic tank, house foundation or anything else contained in the ground does not have some drainage system to relieve the ground water pressures, it can be subject to damage. While in most all cases, when a swimming pool is filled with water, it is not nearly as susceptible to damage. There are very rare cases where a pool will pop, gunite, vinyl and fiberglass are all subject to the same damage to ground water that was not correctly eliminated or controlled.

No pool, vinyl, fiberglass or gunite should ever be drained without assuring that no ground water is present. In most all of the know cases where swimming pools have lifted out of the ground, the pool was drained without proper consideration of water table.

When building a swimming pool, if at all possible a drain out to daylight is preferred as this will eliminate any ground water from collecting. In cases where this is not possible, a horizontal perforated pipe at the deepest end of the pool surrounded by stone and fabric routed to a larger vertical riser outside of the pool deck area. This is then covered by a skimmer lid and access to will always be there in the event the pool must be drained for some reason.

So, now you have the facts, and when a less than honest swimming pool salesperson tries to convince you differently, you will be armed with the truth.

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Looking for a new pool?

In search of a Fiberglass pool?

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In search of a Fiberglass pool? Then you have come to the right place.

Fiberglass pools require the least amount of maintenance of any swimming pool on the market today.  With their smooth, non-porous surfaces, it’s hard for algae to grow on fiberglass and when used with a salt chlorinator, the minimal maintenance is astounding for many pool owners.

Looking for a new pool?

Looking for a new pool?

Fiberglass swimming pools can be installed in a very short period of time.  The main reason being is that the swimming pool structure is fabricated off site meaning that once the hole for the swimming pool is excavated the finished swimming pool structure can be lowered into the hole and all that is then required is for the decking and landscaping to be completed around the swimming pool.  Fiberglass swimming pools can be fully installed an operational in as little as 5 days.

Leisure Pools have made tremendous advancements in the color technology of fiberglass swimming pools.  Leisure Pools offers each of its swimming pool designs in the Leisure Pools SMART color range.  This new color range is available in 6 distinct colors and each has a spectacular sparkle finish.  The surface is smooth and as a result children and adults skin is not damaged by the pool surface.

Leisure Pools are leaders in fiberglass swimming pool technology.  As the world’s largest manufacturer of fiberglass swimming pools, Leisure Pools supplies its inground  fiberglass pools through an extensive network of fiberglass swimming pool dealers who are able to install Leisure Pools quality fiberglass swimming pools, fiberglass plunge pools, fiberglass lap pools and water features at competitive prices all across America.

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PVF Pool Team

Pioneer Valley Fiberglass Pools and Spas of Holyoke makes splash as Best Pool Company

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Pioneer Valley Fiberglass Pools and Spas made a splash in the summer-fall edition of the 2013 Reader Raves poll taken by and The Republican.

Winners of the Reader Raves 2013

The Holyoke business which Clarence “Clancy” E. Kaye formed in 2002 was named Best Pool Company. “I’m very pleased,” he said.

The business owner has an extensive background in construction and engineering, and he knew that an alternative to more traditional liner or concrete pool products was available.

PVF Pool Team

PVF Pool Team

Pioneer Valley Pool and Spas work forceFiberglass pools require the least amount of maintenance of any swimming pool on the market, he explained. With their smooth, non-porous surfaces, it’s difficult for algae to grow on them and, when used with a salt chlorinator, there is minimal maintenance.

In addition, fiberglass swimming pools can be installed quickly, some operational in as little as two days.

Besides being beautiful and luxurious, fiberglass pools save homeowners time and money during the life of the pool, with the savings coming in reduced maintenance, pool chemical and electricity costs.

According to Kaye, homeowners who choose a fiberglass pool can save up to 70 percent on chemicals and 30 percent on electricity costs.

And because of their sturdy construction, fiberglass pools don’t need to be resurfaced.

Pioneer Valley Fiberglass Pools and Spas does not have a retail location, but Kaye shows clients photographs of various pool options and takes them to see pools he has had installed. Since 2002, he has had more than 100 pools installed.

One of those was installed in June 2012 at the home of Jeff M. Wickles in Hatfield. “We did our homework,” Wickles said, noting that he looked at liner pools, concrete pools and fiberglass pools before selecting an approximately 17-by-38-foot fiberglass pool and spa. “We went with the fiberglass because of the low maintenance and saltwater system that came with it.”

Wickles says pool maintenance now only takes about an hour a week.

He also spoke to previous customers of Kaye “and the response was great,” he said, adding that Kaye has been trustworthy, dependable and genuine.

“Putting in a pool is a life changer,” Wickles continued. “It brings families together. It brings people together” and creates good times.

Asked why pools are popular in the Pioneer Valley, Kaye said that even if they are not used for swimming, they provide a gathering place. “Pools tend to be the central location where people gather, a space where memories can be created.”

A pool, he said, “is a piece of a lifestyle of rest and relaxation, family and friendship. It’s a quiet oasis in the backyard where you can visit and reinvigorate yourself.”

For more information, call (413) 221-8358 or go online to

Article by: By Cori Urban on June 16, 2013 at 8:55 AM, updated June 16, 2013 at 11:31 AM


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